HUGE PROTESTS IN SOUTH KOREA – Largest Anti-Gov Protests South Korea Has Seen In Years

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HUGE PROTESTS IN SOUTH KOREA – Largest Anti-Gov Protests South Korea Has Seen In Years

The South Korean government vowed on Sunday to crack down on any more violent protests, a day after dozens were arrested during a rally against labor reforms, the largest street protest of President Park Geun-hye’s term.

Organizers say they will take to the streets again on December 5 More than 60,000 people took part in Saturday’s protest, according to police, and a group of a few dozen fought with the police at the front line, trying to break through barricades of police buses blocking off downtown Seoul’s main thoroughfare.

Police used water canons to disperse the crowd and sprayed liquid laced with an irritant found in chilli pepper to fight off protesters swinging metal pipes and sharpened bamboo sticks.

“The government was fully prepared to guarantee a lawful and peaceful rally, but some people came prepared with equipment such as steel pipes and conducted a violent protest,” Justice Minister Kim Hyun-woong told a news conference.

“These activities were a grave challenge to law and order and public authority, and they will not be tolerated.”

The police arrested 51 people and are questioning them on various charges including protest, assaulting police officers and destroying public equipment. korea korean “south korea” drama people Seoul “Seoul South Korea” news media entertainment law laws lawyer history school student students work labor jobs employment tech technology modern “water fight” water 2015 2016 union teacher inspiration inspire country human humanity historic plans leader leadership authority security “korea travel” tourism streets “elite nwo agenda” change power control problem reaction solution david icke lindsey williams louis farrakhan false flag george soros bilderberg illuminati royal bloodlines rothschild rothchilds documentary new world order alex jones infowars

The police said about 10 protesters were injured, including a member of a militant farm activist group who was knocked down by a water canon blast. He was in stable condition after emergency surgery on Sunday, a police official said.

Some of the country’s most militant labor and activist groups were involved in the protests, including Han Sang-gyun, the president of the Korean Confederation of Trade Unions, who is wanted under a warrant for organizing previous illegal rallies. Students and unionized workers took to the streets on Saturday protesting Park’s proposed labor law reforms, which would give workers fewer protections, and the introduction of a new government-approved textbook in schools. Students and teachers say the text book presents a biased view of history with a right-wing slant. The New York Times explains:

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