MEGANET LAUCHED – Kim Dotcom Launches Private Internet Out Of Reach of Surveillance & Big Brother

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MEGANET LAUCHED – Kim Dotcom Launches Private Internet Out Of Reach of Surveillance & Big Brother

Which is preferable, free Internet susceptible to spying and tampering, as is the case with Mark Zuckerberg’s next big project, or encrypted, potentially very expensive, crowdfunded Internet provided by the Web’s most legendary pirate king?

If you believe Kim Dotcom, world citizens will soon enough have a choice. The MegaUpload founder and potentially most successful pirate-by-proxy ever, has been alluding to a new communications protocol dubbed MegaNet for years. In a more recent interview, included below, Dotcom tells Max Keiser that MegaNet is a real ambition that currently has raised $40 million through private crowdfunding. Dotcom also intends to raise another $100 million using Bnk to the Future in January, a relatively new crowdfunding site that apparently has no issue taking Dotcom on as a client. key features of Meganet: Will not be IP-based. Will incorporate block chain technology. Will natively incorporate mobile devices.

Two bitcoin ATMs have been stolen in Amsterdam from the Netherlands-based bitcoin ATM collective Mr Bitcoin. Most Reddit users mocked the thieves for stealing machines that don’t actually store any bitcoins on their systems. Not including an IP address by design could have serious implications on the privacy capabilities of such a protocol, but it could also run into fundamental networking problems. Readers will be quick to note that an IP address is not the only way to track down the activities of a user, and often enough they can be irrelevant. Even an MAC address could essentially be a false entity when dealing with the right sort of bot net. The question, then, is how will this be done? New software protocols somehow incorporating bitcoins, mobile phones, and Bluetooth, or something SOPA meganet “kim dotcom” internet encryption crowdfunding “new zealand” encryption future 2015 2016 bitcoin “crowdfunding campaign” funding investment investor law lawyer rights website ecommerce news media world global new tech technology hollywood u.s. “united states” usa america assets interview money cash protection virus control antivirus “offshore company” “limited company” movie “tv show” “website builder” “online streaming” “cloud storage” “elite nwo agenda” blockchain communication surveillance privacy end game internet 2.0 whistleblower blackphone encryption litecoin cryptocurrency cryptobitcoin max keiser glenn beck marc faber anonymous gerald celente montagraph false flag attack jsnip4 g4t we are change elite puppet master george soros

It is important to note that Kim Dotcom is a social-media and marketing genius. His tweet could be hinting at something coming in the future, it could be a way to tease his detractors, followers and observers, or perhaps it was just an attempt at a quick media-attention grab (oops). This is a more likely possibility than Dotcom developing an unannounced product that will change the world. Yurii Rashkovskii, who previously attempted to create something like a blockchain powered version of GitHub that he called Gitchain. He has since moved on from that project to, but he still has experience attempting to turn large networks copyright raid kim dotcom vice edward snowden

Low-income consumers may be set to have essentially free, taxpayer-subsidized Internet service, similar to the notorious Obamaphone, following the federal government’s takeover of the web. “Indeed, it’s been publicly reported that the FCC is itching to use the Universal Service Fund to extend the Lifeline program to broadband. That won’t come cheap,” Pai said in his dissent to the FCC’s new Internet regulations. “In order to provide discounted broadband service to millions of Americans, the FCC will have to find the money somewhere. With this Order, that somewhere is your wallet. So when it comes to broadband, read my lips: More new taxes are coming. It’s just a matter of when.” Also read: David Cameron Threatens Ban on Encryption to Gain Access to Citizen Communications

Notoriously known as “Big Sis” for her role at the Orwellian mega-agency, she claims the supposed ‘imminent’ event will pose challenges to all aspects of life, and make powering homes, providing food and facilitating transportation difficult. Napolitano seems so sure, one wonders how she knows that such a catastrophe is not only possible, but sure to happen, as she prepares to officially leave office September 6th. This new authority, yet another layer of government oversight, we are sure is for your own protection and in Obama’s words will “augment work to fight cyber threats.” All your internet is belong to us…

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