PUTIN to NETANYAHU – Syria Army Too Busy Saving Country to Threaten Israel

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PUTIN to NETANYAHU – Syria Army Too Busy Saving Country to Threaten Israel

Russia begins military operations in Syria as Putin sends 28 jets
US says 12 fighter jets and 12 support aircraft have arrived in recent days in Syrian air base in Latakia, where four jets were stationed last week

Russia has begun its first military operations in Syria, and poured in 28 jets as it becomes more deeply involved in the , US officials say. The officials said 12 jets and 12 close support aircraft had arrived in recent days in a Syrian air base in Latakia, where four jets were stationed last week.

On top of that, Russian drones had started surveillance flights, they said.

Earlier, Novaya Gazeta, an independent Russian newspaper had reported that Moscow might launch “demonstrative” strikes in support of Bashar al-Assad’s embattled Syrian government in the coming days, before President Vladimir Putin is due to speak to the United Nations general assembly next week. Russian military officials have confirmed that they are expanding and modernising a naval base at Tartous and an airbase in nearby Latakia, but have denied plans

Israeli concerns that Syria would provide advanced weapons to the Lebanese militant movement Hezbollah are exaggerated, considering that the country is for survival, the Russian president told the visiting Israeli prime minister.

Benjamin Netanyahu is in Moscow on Monday to discuss the deteriorating security situation in the Middle East and clarify Russia’s position. Behind closed doors some Pentagon officials have acknowledge that the US military has been battered by years of in the Middle East and is not prepared for a prolonged military engagement with a major global power like say Russia regardless of how likely this scenario might be.
They cite a series of classified games different US agencies conducted lately and military drills in Europe to support this assessment. putin russia israel “middle east” meeting conference future partner relationship moscow u.s. “united states” usa america russian king UAE peace force news media entertainment elite group immigrant europe talk chat future problems knowledge 2015 2016 agreement survival trends trendy partnership “elite nwo agenda” alex jones infowars rant crazy gerald celente anonymous china new world order agenda 2030 europe immigration crisis hungary germany uk train david icke oil pipeline gas september 27 23 24 pope nyc

Surprising as it may seem, this revelation comes at a time when an increasing number of high-ranking military officials have called Moscow a key existential threat to the US. The rhetoric reflects a months-long trend. Since the outbreak of the Ukraine crisis Washington has been increasingly belligerent towards Russia.

Yet the Pentagon seems to be worried it could well be unable to put its money where its mouth is. Russian activity at the airbase ramped up Friday upon the arrival of advanced Russian jets, including four Su-30SM Flankers which are loose equivalents to the U.S. F/A-18F Hornet. The Pentagon has now tracked a total of 15 Russian Antonov-124 Condor flights into Syria, reflecting a steady stream of military cargo into Syria. According to the latest intelligence, this also includes the arrival of two more Russian cargo ships, containing the tanks. For those on all sides of the conflict looking for an excuse to bring in outside troops – from the U.S., NATO, Russia or other armies located in the region, it would seem that the pretext has arrived.

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