UFO Sighting in North Conway, New Hampshire on May 2nd 2005 – Saw a bright light hovering over 3 thousand ft Mountain top.Followed by an 8 to 10 mile long giant black craft

Outside smoking at work on a break.I noticed a very bright light hovering just over the peak of Bear Mtn,a 3thousand ft mtn. approximately 2 miles from my location.No movement just an unnatural looking extremely bright light.I went inside the store and brought my co. worker outside to see the light.We watched it for approximately 25minutes as it remained motionless. Suddenly it began to resend.It moved slowly and in 30 seconds it disappeared behind the mtn. top.When it decended I knew what it wasn’t but not what it was.We went back over to the front of the store where we normally hang out and were talking about what we just saw when out of the east came a giant craft.Being a USAF veteran I can attest that there is nothing like this in our inventory.I estimated it to be a half mile wide and I made its speed to be about 100mph.Its altitude was about 1 mile.It came right over us.The total time it took for it to pass overhead was 8 to 10 mins.The craft was the same color as an SR71 I had seen.A stealthy looking black.we noticed surface features like the craft was compartmentalized.It reminded me of being under my car at the shop when it was on the lift.We were a full service gas station and convenience store.A car came in for gas while the craft was passing over. We ignored the customer cause we were watching the ufoShe beeped her horn and asked for 15.In gas.We said we were busy watching a UFO.Anyway I pumped her gas and we all watched it pass over.The customer left and we continued watching.Until the end of the ship passed over then we lost sight of it.It occurred to me later that the giant craft flight path was on a course straight for the strange glowing object we had seen earlier.Now 10 years after the event I have a almost compulsive desire to talk about it.

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