5 Most Haunted Underwater Places

“Tell her this and more— That the king of the seas weeps too, old, helpless man. The bustling fates heap his hands with corpses until he stands like a child with surplus of toys.”
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Warning, text spoilers below…
Presenting 5 Most Haunted Places Underwater, including the most dangerous diver site in the world, the Red Sea’s Blue Hole (“Diver’s Cemetery”), the mysterious World War II ghost fleet of Truk (Chuuk) Lagoon, the haunted wreck of the ill-fated RMS Rhone, South Africa’s deadly Bushman’s Cave (Boesmansgat) that claimed the lives of Deon Dreyer and David Shaw, and Tampa Bay’s Sunshine Skyway Bridge, site of over 200 suicides possibly drawn to eerie and unexplained lights under the water.

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