BITCOIN COLLAPSE – Bitcoin Down 80% From All Time High. Is This The End of Bitcoin / Litecoin ?


BITCOIN COLLAPSE – Bitcoin Down 80% From All Time High. Is This The End of Bitcoin / Litecoin ?

Remember the headlines that first mentioned bitcoin, Mt. Gox, the Silk Road and Bitcoin Jesus? Those were fleeting peaks on the events unfolding behind closed doors in the development of bitcoin. Digital Gold is your backstage pass to those events. It’s a compelling and extensive narrative that gives a reader a personal look at the heroes and villains of bitcoin’s brief history.

Digital Gold presents the most extensive history of bitcoin thus far, making it an invaluable page-turner for bitcoin aficionados and newbies alike. It follows the ineptitude of Mt. Gox CEO Mark Karpeles (and his cat), the rise and demise of the Dread Pirate Roberts and bitcoin evangelists Roger Ver and Charlie Shrem. Digital Gold is a must read for anyone interested in understanding what many consider to be the greatest invention since the Internet.

The bitcoin world is less anonymous today passionate crypto anarchists who made it viable in the the early years. Today, bitcoin is slowly gaining respect with industry leaders Bitcoin did away with the third party by publicly distributing the ledger, what Nakamoto called the “block chain.” Users willing to devote CPU power to running a special piece of software would be called miners and would form a network to maintain the block chain collectively. In the process, they would also generate new currency. Transactions would be broadcast to the network, and computers running the software would compete to solve irreversible cryptographic puzzles Fifty of the world’s most prominent Bitcoin chieftains are set to gather in secret at an undisclosed Caribbean resort in a roundtable gathering that some are already comparing to The Bilderberg Group meetings.

Coindesk has the story, noting that the gathering, dubbed the Satoshi Roundtable, will take place this weekend and is a closed door confab for “bitcoin CEOs and luminaries”. Members of the Press and the public will not be invited. rich dad poor dad bitcoin litecoin cryptocurrency currency price “bitcoin trading” bitstamp trading “binary options trading” “binary options” “trading platform” gold silver forex money cash savings “savings account” bank banking “bank account” bubble investment “bull market” “wall street” commodity “gold storage” “silver coin” usd 2015 2016 future u.s. china “united states” trending trendy profit “elite nwo agenda” “money transfer” global asset “stock market” portfolio jsnip4 montagraph rawdogletard demcad anonymous we are change david icke alex jones infowars gerald celente trends in the news lindsey williams louis farrakhan jim rogers marc faber doom end times prediction prepper collapse false flag attack reserves

“Organized by Bruce Fenton of the Bitcoin Association and Atlantic Financial, participants in the first annual Satoshi Roundtable include top executives from companies such as Blockchain, BitGo, BitPesa, Chain, ChangeTip, Coinapult and MegaBigPower, The individual outlined what happened in a Reddit post, explaining that he was a trained economist with a B.S. in Computer Science, an M.S. in Operations Research, a PhD in Econometrics, and had been tasked by the Federal Reserve to compile a report on Bitcoin and how the cryptocurrency would impact the existing monetary system. Several other research teams had also been assigned the same task by the Fed.

This revelation also arrives in the aftermath of assertions by financial analysts that Germany is considering joining the BRICS nations in building an alternative multi-polar world financial system adversarial to the IMF and the World Bank in order to escape the fallout of a dollar collapse. It may soon be against the law for Russians to possess Bitcoin (BTC) or other digital currencies. We were directed to upgrade our modeling of bitcoin from developing currency to a major currency. In addition to all of the common modeling and forecasting that task entails, we were instructed to do full simulations of money flows, interest rates, multi currency derivative baskets, risk metrics, and their effects on global macro monetary policy and trade agreements

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