HUGE YEMEN EXPLOSION – Massive Explosion & Shockwave in Yemen during Saudi Arabia Air Strike

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HUGE YEMEN EXPLOSION – Massive Explosion & Shockwave in Yemen during Saudi Arabia Air Strike

There have been some massive explosions caught on film during the last month of Saudi-led air strikes on Houthi rebel positions, but the result of this particular attack is so enormous you could be mistaken that it’s the kind of mushroom cloud and fallout seen during early tactical nuclear weapons tests. The fireball and resulting mushroom cloud seen in this video is not just from a weapon dropped by a fighter aircraft, but the result of explosive munitions and/or oils and fuels stored at the site ignited by the initial blast. These “secondary effects” combine to create some absolutely stunningly scary exothermic reactions, as seen above.

I’ve received some mail asking how Houthi rebel forces are so heavily armed that explosions like these continue to happen. The answer is that Houthi forces now control the western half of Yemen, along with Yemen’s antiquated – although still deadly – military stockpiles, which included gravity bombs and SCUD missiles.

Even if Houthi fighters aren’t able to use these systems for their intended purposes, they can be used for improvised explosive devices or they can fall into the hands of terrorist elements that riddle the country. With that in mind, the Sunni Arab dominated coalition has had these sites at the top of their target list. attack explosion fire video “video footage” “saudi arabia” 2015 gulf “middle east” qatar dubai east strike “air force” air battle defense “self defense” viral trends trendy trending “social media” entertainment crazy prank news “breaking news” 2016 future humanity charity donate camera game games “war games” war u.s. usa america “united states” fireworks prepare survival food water shock shockwave noise flame sky “elite nwo agenda” disaster battlefield power control people gerald celente trends in the news alex jones cry rant exposed infowars bilderberg world war 3 chicago nyc obama false flag attack putin missing nukes collapse underground bunkers elite bugout demcad jsnip4 montagraph dutchsinse daboo77 daboo777 rawdogletard anonymous riots unrest

Seeing as Houthi fighters know full well the location of established Yemeni military weapons dumps and installation before seizing large areas of the country, many of the weapons themselves were squirreled away to other sites. We’ll continue to see these explosions happening as Saudi, pro-government Yemeni and allied intelligence sources locate them. Renowned hacker Guccifer, who accessed the private emails of numerous top military, political and intelligence leaders, told the New York Times that a city in Pennsylvania is the target of a nuke attack in 2015. Guccifer also revealed that he is sitting on an archive of hacked emails that have not been publicly released. Potential 2016 presidential candidate Rick Santorum was questioned on missing nuclear warheads

Windows were shattered and homes shaken in Donetsk after a huge blast rocked the vicinity of a city chemical plant. A Ukrainian MP praised pro-Kiev forces for hitting a target – but said they “don’t know what they hit.” As Russians build gigantic underground bunkers, spanning 400 square miles, the elite are planning their escape from America by purchasing airstrips, farms and underground shelters in record numbers. As preparations for nuclear war intensify, the public is being told it’s not a danger anymore. Get this emergency broadcast out to everyone you know before the time for action runs out.

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