HUMANITY ON THE BRINK – Amphibious NATO Forces Conduct War Game Drills in Sweden

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HUMANITY ON THE BRINK – Amphibious NATO Forces Conduct War Game Drills in Sweden

“The U.K. [Commandos] and [United States Marine Corps] work together often, so we have similar procedures. Working with the USMC, Finnish and Swedish Marines is great because it gives a lot of depth to what we normally do,” said British Capt. Christopher Viggars, U.K. Royal Commandos. “We’re adding that aspect into our training, which only helps us down the line if we did have to do operations with people who work with completely different kit (equipment), people we don’t operate with very often, and possible language barriers

BALTOPS is NATO’s multinational maritime exercise in its 43rd iteration. Along with the multinational amphibious force are 13 additional Allies and partners that come together in the Baltics to improve their capabilities to collectively respond to a range of real-world situations.

The relationships and improved capabilities built during the exercise allow the force to operate throughout the region, enhancing and refining a responsive force to defend the Baltics if needed. The enemy doesn’t just operate in one region; there are threats all over the world “You never know what the opposition will throw at you; amphibious assault is bringing the fight to their doorstep and if the beach is the only way we can get into their battlespace, then we can do that,” said Hunsaker. BALTOPS includes approximately 5,600 ground, maritime and air forces from Belgium, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Georgia, Latvia, Lithuania, The Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Sweden, Turkey, United States and the United Kingdom. europe sweden war “war games” game gaming sim simulation games exercise drill military troops navy “air force” army operation “special ops” combat survival uk usa british “united kingdom” “united states” sea ocean Amphibious prepare “emergency supplies” 2015 “summer 2015” force defense security “self defense” fitness beach “u.s. army” power control entertainment drone aerial battle “elite nwo agenda” baltic relationship warfare russia china south china sea islands false flag attack september october cern end times conspiracy theory aliens blood moon bilderberg collapse stock market anonymous gold silver dollar collapse yuan alex jones infowars jim rogers jsnip4 montagraph daboo77 daboo777

The total force will operate in Poland, Sweden, Germany, and throughout the Baltic Sea to demonstrate air defense, maritime interdiction, and anti-subsurface warfare along with the amphibious operations. A Russian fighter jet conducted a dangerous aerial intercept of a U.S. reconnaissance aircraft two weeks ago over the Black Sea, not the Baltic Sea as originally reported, in the latest sign of heightened military tensions between Moscow and Washington. However, it is unclear whether the May 30 incident between the RC-135 reconnaissance jet and a Russian Su-27 interceptor that flew too close was intentional or due to the pilot’s lack of flying experience, the official said. The stepped-up Russian aerial harassment comes also as U.S. and NATO forces currently are conducting large-scale war games in the Baltic Sea known as Baltops 15. Three B-52 bombers from the U.S. Strategic Command were deployed to Britain for the maneuvers. The naval exercise BALTOPS 2015 is bringing the U.S. Navy and its European friends and allies to a Nordic-Baltic region that is newly tense in the wake of the Ukraine crisis. The exercise also indicates that the Baltic Sea is playing a new role as a maritime space, and that anti-access/area-denial challenge is more than just a Pacific problem. Embarked on HMS Ocean are a series of Royal Navy, Army and RAF helicopters with these images captured from an RAF Chinook. Organised by Strike Force NATO, players in this year’s exercise come from Canada, Belgium, Denmark, Estonia, France, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Netherlands, Norway, Turkey, the USA and NATO partner nations Finland, Georgia and Sweden. “These events add up to a highly disturbing picture of violations of national airspace, emergency scrambles, narrowly avoided mid-air collisions, close encounters at sea, simulated attack runs, and other dangerous actions happening on a regular basis over a very wide geographical area,” the report said.

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