UFO Sighting in Ashland, Oregon on January 30th 2016 – Witnessed two rocket/missile-like objects/lights

My mother-in-law and I were standing outside my house facing west when we both noticed a bright reddish – orange light rising above well beyond the horizon. It went straight up. At first we thought it was plane, but the light was far too large and wasn’t a strobe. It continued straight up until it disappeared. Within about 15 seconds, we witnessed a second like of the same size and color rise up over the house ( again from well beyond the horizon in distance). It also came up from the same direction, due west, but instead of going straight up, it slowly tracked to the south. Climbing in altitude the whole time until it disappeared too. I would estimate this all took place within about two minutes. I checked my watch for the time, 8:43 pm (PST). And then went into the house to grab my phone and check the directions using my compass app. I called the NWS station in Medford and reported it. They said their radar didn’t track flight traffic. I tried calling the Medford Int’l Airport, but couldn’t get through to anyone. I then reported the sighting to KDRV tv. For the life of me it looked like a missile or rocket launch, but there are absolutely no military installations between here and the coast of Oregon.

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