UFO Sighting in Regina, Saskatchewan on January 30th 2016 – Extremely bright pulsing sphere

At approximately 4:30 am I was woken up by a blinding bright light coming through the blinds of the bedroom. This has happened to me once before in Switzerland in this exact same scenario also. At the time I woke up and noticed how bright it was, my dog started to howl which you will hear in the video. The object seemed to move side to side a tad but stayed hovering with a pulsing bright light which continued for a few minutes until I got tired and went back to sleep. The moon is currently a waning gibbous, which means it’s about half full. Even so, the moon would not have been that bright and pulsating if it was a full or super moon. The light was so bright it shine like a flashlight through my blinds and physically woke me up. In the camera row you can clearly see the pattern of the brightness changing as it pulses in a pattern. I took a screenshot photo zoomed in on the light and the aura around the light is visibly illuminated in a large diameter.

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