Black Triangle Sighting in Zillah, Washington on August 25th 2001 – Black Triangle Shape

As stated in the year (2001) I was pretty young, only in about 5th grade. I was staying the night at my friend’s house. We couldn’t sleep so we went outside to play (around 0200 or later). To the North, I saw an orange light that was occasionally flashing coming towards us. I figured it was an aircraft or something. It took quite a while for it to reach my friend’s house. As it got closer I noticed it was a triangle shape, we just learned about different airplanes from a field trip we took and I thought it looked like a concord jet. As it got even closer we realized it didn’t have wings. It was an actual triangle, all black. The orange light was located at the front of the aircraft and was slowly flashing. There was another black triangle, slightly higher in altitude escorting the object, both moving at the same slow speed. The second black triangle didn’t have a flashing light or any light at all. We could see both aircraft because of the size and the lack of starlight where the aircraft was located. The lowest aircraft flew almost over the top of us and was flying very low to the ground. The aircraft was not a normal size (it was MUCH larger) for the airplanes we usually see flying in the area, nor was it flying at the altitude we usually see airplanes flying. At no point did it make any sound, even when it was at it’s closest point it made absolutely no sound. We both figured it was just some airplane… We watched it slowly move across the sky to the south until we couldn’t see it anymore. From what I remember it didn’t have any effect on my friend or myself, or the several dogs he had.
One of the things that stood out the most, besides the lack of sound, was how slowly the object was moving.

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