UFO Sighting in Sechelt, British Columbia on September 10th 2015 – it was a small flying saucer that made no noise at all when it flew over our heads

In the summer of 2015 me and my girlfriend witness a UFO fly right over our heads. It flew over the TED DIXION PARK and then us and when i went to point at it , It turned away from were i was pointing at. The UFO was flying about hundred MPH with no sound at all. It was heading North and it came from S/E of the park. It was only 20 ft long and maybe ten ft in hieght ,The UFO had a metal look to it and it was the shape of saucer
and it was only about hundred feet above us.This wasin the day time at around 7:30pm in Sechelt B.C. It had no light on it, no windows , and no markings either. The one thing that made me think it was a UFO was it made no sound at all. Not even the wind made a sound as it fly over us going north. The other thing that i witness alone was kind blue worm hole in space, It looked like it was far out in space . all of this making me not trust the US Government because i think they know all about these, that how i feel !!!

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