UFO Sighting in Sedro-Woolley, Washington on October 31st 2015 – Looked like a triangle but not 3 sided, like taking 2 long blocks and make a 2 sided triangle

I was at my dads house visiting him. It was quarter to 11pm when I had to leave home to my family. That night I decided to walk to his house instead of driving so I walked through the field that hold a kids play ground. I like looking to the stars on a clear night, so I looked to the sky to see a UFO over the small feild and the CDC close by where I walk through to go tords my house and I noticed it was making a weird electronic, type of sound. So I pulled out my phone to take a pic and by the time it took to load the camera I tried to snap a photo and my phone restarted. I then kept looking at it and it slowly disappeared as I’d it turned black or made its self reflect the night sky. The lights I saw was red,blue and green. I only seen the back side. I had a feeling afterwords that made me feel like something was watching me and trying to send what I would do.. Around 8 years ago I encountered a UFO being. Looked like a man who has nice straight heir that was white and glowed, skin was pail white smooth looking. Before I saw him I was on the phone with a dark area beside me, when I had felt a feeling to look beside me. I noticed red eyes about 7 feet off the ground coming closer and when I got to see him he was about 10 feet tall with hair down to the bottom of his back. I then asked who he was.he didn’t speak so I ran he tryes to follow me but once I got back on native american tribal grounds it seemed as though he couldn’t follow me anymore. I turned away for about 3 seconds and looked back to him gone and no trace of him. After that night I seen things n my sleep, at night time I see there presents around me I feel something always watching me over night. But won’t let me see them anymore, I can picture what he and the ship looks like still to this day.

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