Black Triangle Sighting in Chicago, Illinois on February 1st 2016 – facing east looked up into the northeastern sky and observed an object coming from sky going in a southeastern direction

South side of Chicago, facing east parked car looked up northeastern sky and I saw this bright orange light coming from the sky, at first I thought it was a meteor?? Only thing it was grey in front kinda like a rocket but smaller and orange in the back of it, from where I was it really didn’t look like flames, just orange with a gray in middle. it was like a giant pencil tip (sharpened) with orange in the back and that part was much bigger than the grey rocket like front of object it was fast but not that fast, I would say maybe I observed for 20 – 25 seconds and I did observe a plane due North way up there and wondered if they saw what I did. I am 20 miles west of downtown Chicago, the object disappeared from view when it hit the treetops. and my first thought was it went into lake Michigan I notice someone else saw something on your sight and 10 news made no mentions of meteors???

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