Plane Nearly Hit By Homemade ‘Soda’ Rocket

Plane Nearly Hit By Homemade ‘Soda’ Rocket

By Antonia Bannister

     Jetsetters had the fright of their lives after nearly hitting a rocket made of fizzy drink bottles at 1,500ft.

A report from the air safety body UKAB revealed that the pilot of an Airbus A321 leaving Birmingham Airport spotted what he described as a UFO from the cockpit of his plane.

Crew members on the 200 passenger flight also saw the homemade rocket shooting 100ft past the right side of the plane just after it took off last August.

It passed “very close” to the starboard side of the aircraft but did not make contact, said the UKAB which investigated the incident.

In the report, it was described as “rocket shaped and the size of 2×2 litre fizzy drink bottles.” […]

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