UFO Sighting in Fort Worth, Texas on January 31st 2016 – We saw bright lights in the sky that looked like bright stars, but they moved and would disappear and reappear.

It was 8:24pm and I went outside to grab something from my car when I noticed something in the sky that looked like a really bright star. As I stared at it for a moment another one appeared next to it, and at that time my 8 year old son came outside and I told him to look, and right as I said that, another one appeared next to the other two in a straight line. I then told him to go inside and get his grandma, and when she came outside another one aligned with the previous 3. The objects hovered in the same spot for a few minutes and then began to gradually move away from each other. Two of them faded away while the other two stayed blinking in the same spot. We could see more, but my camera couldn’t get them to show up on it. We were watching these objects fly around for about 10 minutes before we saw about 3 airplanes start flying through the area. In one of the videos you can hear something that sounds like gun shots, but I’m not sure if that came from them. The objects would still stay in place for the most part when the airplanes would fly by them. The objects seemed to be about 3-4 times the size of the airplanes. We spotted at least 6 different objects all in different areas. Some of the objects were moving and getting brighter, while others just appeared bright in the sky and faded away. We watched for about 30 minutes and we filmed a lot of it. We went inside because it was a little chilly out, but we kept going back outside to see if they were still there. We would see one or two, but not as many as we had at first. One of the times I went outside, I saw one that was red, but it only appeared for a minuted or so. The skies were clear and the stars looks a bluish white while these objects looked like a bright yellow light. This was the most surreal thing I have ever seen. At first I thought it was maybe something the military was doing, but it didn’t make any sense because the military base is the complete opposite direction and none of it looked like any of our aircraft. The more we watched, the more scared I became. I wasn’t sure if it was something from outer space or aircraft from another country. I called my brother to go outside of his house after watching them for about 25 minutes. He went outside and he saw two of them. At first he didn’t see them but I told him to keep watching and he would see one light up. After about a minute, he saw one. I left my mothers house around 9:15 and drove about 2 miles to my house. On my way to my house I could see one clear in the sky. I went to my neighbors house and had them come take a look, but only one could really see. From my house they were kind of hidden behind a tree, so it was hard to see. He saw two of them appear and then I had to go inside to put my son to sleep. When I went back outside around 10:30pm they were completely gone. I couldn’t stop thinking about them all day today, and I was sure that something would be on social media or the news, but I saw nothing. I sent 3 different news stations my footage, but two of the 3 didn’t respond, and one sent me a message stating I could email the meteorologist about it. I did more research today and I found quite a few videos and pictures of things that looked exactly what I saw last night. I didn’t know where to report this to until I stumbled across this website.

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