UFO Sighting in Monroe, Michigan on February 1st 2016 – Starlike object moving then brightened

I figured this would be a decent place to say what I witnessed. I look up at the night sky quite often. Especially when the stars are clear, that’s the greatest time. I was driving home from a late afternoon in Ann Arbor, MI. It’s around 6:15 as I was approaching the limits of the town I reside in. I pull into my drive way around 6:22pm, I remember this on my clock as I turned my car off. I immediately look at the stars, as I noticed how clear of a night it was going to be on my way home. I wish i knew the constellation i was looking at, ill look it at it tomorrow at the same time when i witnessed it.

I watched this object intently for several seconds, I had my glasses on so my vision was precise compared to my contact lenses. I’m trying to give myself credit here. After watching it move from south to north, it got a little brighter and increased in size (from the brightness). Then it faded into the distance. I’m not sure what it was, but the object was starlike, just the same size as other stars. I caught it in motion and followed it as it glided across the night sky. It got brighter and stood out even more, then disappeared.

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