UFO Sighting in Backus, Minnesota on February 1st 2016 – Thought it was car had row of lights around bottom disappeared and appears 2 hours with many fast green satellites in area and sounds n lights by windows

Around three am I seen many green satellites moving all over the sky very fast then I thought someone was stealing and had lights on at end of the driveway so I grabbed binaculars and seen a row of lights on bottom and grabbed a flashlight and I heard wolves and dogs and vicious sounding dog growling all around area when I went to go say something and I flashed my lights towards object it didn’t shut off but started disappearing. I went inside and watched it go above trees but I don’t no if it even landed when I first seen it for two hours it came back on and off but farther away and sometimes’s with rays of straight lights through it and then it turned west as it got father. I tried pictures but light wouldn’t show up on phone and said I only took one picture of a black screen. My phone didn’t work this morning and it rebooted itself. I seen flashes by my windows and sounded like someone was right by window also when I opened window to hear I could hear walking on snow about 50boyfriend and the buzzing from lit object only started when I shut window all the way. I could see reflection above trees but no lit objects using mirrors and binaculars throughout process also texted saying I seen it to my boyfriend when it happened it first time ever seeing that for that long also

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