Black Triangle Sighting in Adelaide, South Australia on February 4th 2016 – alien not humane

south australia endfield seen lights earlier in night in sky around 10 pm they were moving bery fast then they vanished then i was out the back around an hour later seen the same thing again in my back yard.
but then i thoguht it would be a good idea to get my light with sos at the lights big mistake i can say that mcu lights started reacting to what i had done repeated same signal back i coulod not belive what i seen to then they vanish again.
around 2 in the moarning i hear i big noise out the back of house i went out the re somthing had knocked over all thje cans and bottles in a bag outside i then proceeded to go to toilet outside haha i know.
then nothing again outsid ethis time enity in backyard corner near tree i seen its eyes but i thought nothing of it because thought it was a possum but no it was around 5 ft tall and dark with a weird face i called the police they laughed so thayts were im at i lcoked all the doors and sat their with a bat for the whole night thats it what ios going to happen tonight sorry for the bad spelling.

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