UFO Sighting in North Richland Hills, Texas on February 3rd 2016 – Planet-like shape in the sky just vanished

Me and my roommate went out on the porch of our second floor apartment to smoke a cigarette. My roommate asked “is that a plane”. We live near an airport so it’s not uncommon though we both knew it wasn’t a plane. But I also knew that the planets were extra bright tonight so I thought it must be Mars or Jupiter as I looked. It’s was a very bright reddish orange color that seemed to make sense that it was a planet the my roommate and I saw a plane fly nearby and noticed just how bright the light in the sky was. I started to reach for my phone to pull out Google skymap to check. My roommate stated that it was moving and in the time it took for her to look from it to me and back it was gone. As an empirist this experience is very troubling as I didn’t get more documentation. But knowing that fact that someone else I trust saw the same thing with me gives me some comfort. Again I live near DFW airport and Carswell (could be wrong name) naval reserve base so I’m not discounting that it may have been a government test craft but it wasn’t a star plane or helicopter or planet or any aerocraft I have ever seen.

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