UFO Sighting in Ocean Township, New Jersey on February 3rd 2016 – strobe like mostly white lights red gold different colors flashing back large round/disc shape UFO stationary hovering

while looking out my sliding door window in same area I’ve seen other UFO’s-saw stationary strobe like very very bright white hovering in the dark sky Northeast over Ocean stationary for at least 8-10 minutes there were also 2 moving objects darker in color nearby as if they were checking the object out or where with the larger object, and my son saw it also said it didn’t look like a plane it was suspicious nothing like it every seen in sky. In the vacinity of Nuclear Plant nearby in same area. White sparkling bright light coming from object. Have seen orbs glowing following planes going in and out of the chem trails in the same area vacinity. Lots of activity in this particular area.

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