Black Triangle Sighting in Guadalajara, Jalisco on January 11th 2015 – there are 5 or more in difernt shapes. one is like a disk other one looks long the other image made of some kind of like tube made of smoke. i have and will there pictures

one object was hovering obove a corn field. other one was hovering obove a mountain. i took a picture of the mountain so i saw it after i stopped. other one i stopped to take a picture of the landscape. this one too i saw it after i left the area.other one i took a picture to the same mountain( but at night ) of those pictures i have many of them

all started one night while i was digging for a treasure a friend that was digging with me asked me to look up and when i did i saw a ball of fire. but it was strange because the ball was of fire but a kind of fire that did not shine or bright.
and it was traviling at a very slow speed. may be 5 miles per hour.
but it went into the trees.
this happened Dic. 12 after that i been looking for it, i told mine uncle about it and he said that that ball it has been around for many years. what they did not know is that there are many of them.and i have pictures to back it up.
so while i was looking for that ball of fire i found way to many of those objects..
some of those are scary as you will see on the pictures..

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