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Stuff They Don’t Want You To Know LIVE with Matt and Ben!

2:15 DARPA – brain enhancement
4:15 TDCS – Transcranial direct-current stimulation
4:35 Technical……
5:55 TMS – Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation
6:36 Deceptive Brain Part 3 on our youtube

8:20 Subliminal messages
8:40 National anthem
9:05 Marketing
10:20 Subliminal messages/easter egss in our shows
11:35 Legality of subliminal messages

13:10 Cloud seeding
14:30 Project tormfury

16:30 Monsanto/Blackwater and tracking activists

21:40 Cattle/human mutilations
22:13 Chupacabra

25:50 Humans descendants of aliens
26:50 Casper Parks
27:20 Panspermia
32:20 Life after people

34:50 DARPA: Super soldier, TDCS
35:50 TDCS
37:30 PET man

39:50 Education: subversion, misinformation, prioritizing

47:20 RSA animate – changing education paradigms

49:10 History has been planned for many years
49:50 Secret Societies
50:10 Cecil Rhodes
51:50 How stuff works simulators

55:50 War in Turkey

58:40 International perspective on Snowden/NSA

1:03:20 Canadian Minister of Defense: Alien Disclosure

1:13:50 Extraterrestrial Civilization

1:18:10 Neil Degrass Tyson: The difference between humans and apes

1:19:40 Cloud Seeding/Weather Manipulation


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LIVE Q & A with Matt and Ben!

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