UFO Sighting in Levittown, Pennsylvania on December 20th 2014 – Redish orange orbs that seemed to swirl with color and give off an aura of more of the same colors. clearly intelligent and seemed to communicate with a pattern of specific movements

the date was December 20 2014, just a few days before Christmas. Me and my mother are sitting in the living room as my sister is in her room. I was waiting the arrival of a friend who was visiting us for the holidays to stop in to say hi. I had nothing planned at all to go outside, I was concerned my friend had driven past our house or was lost since we are still fairly new to the area. So I got up to go out front to check to see if I could spot her driving down our street. The very moment I walked out of our front door my eyes immediately took to the sky over the split level house across the street from us and the high school and football field behind that house. If you were to be outside at that time nobody could miss these lights.

I did a double take because at first my eyes played tricks on me making me think they were an airplane or a few airplanes flying but I noticed they were not coming nor going in any direction and even as I first thought that they were conventional aircraft I noticed that something wasn’t adding up, it just looked too strange and so unfamiliar. it was a striking feeling, almost a strong sense of feeling intrigued. It was so sudden and such a strong feeling that I started to look around at the neighbors houses to see if anyone was staring at the sky along with me but no one was out due to the bitter cold weather. so at this time I can only see about 3 of the lights because the house and pine trees on their property was blocking the other two light orbs. So I immediately noticed that these lights were on an angle all in perfect formation on about a 70-75 degree angle id have to say. So as I noticed this I realized I had to move over more, so I moved to my right in the driveway which revealed the other 2 glowing orange orbs also in formation in a line. I stared for about 20 seconds, just enough time for me to run through any possibilities of what these lights could be. I thought maybe its planes but wait no, ok maybe its flares, but no it cant be because theyre not falling to the ground, theyre not one solid color, theyre in formation, and theyre not burning out.

At this point now I realize im looking at a ufo sighting so I run inside and yell to my mother. my exact words were “mom come here and look hurry, I see a ufo in the sky!” She hurried towards the door and she noticed them right away, I didn’t have to even point them out to her in the sky. we stared at these lights for about another 20 seconds making the event about a full minute. However I do not know how long they were in the sky and I was mad at myself for not going outside sooner actually. Anyway as we stared and just watched in amazement, they hovered in a line and flickered with a soft glow and it was hard to tell if they were vibrating or not. maybe it was the light that made it look like they were vibrating. Suddenly the last orb on the right side at the lowest elevation broke formation and just seemed to hover over to the left underneath the one next to it. they seemed to be acting like a person who was messing with a dimmer switch in your house, slowly going brighter and dimmer but in a particular order it seemed like.

almost like a pattern or communication with a type of light sign language. I did also try to focus in with my eyes and if my eyes weren’t playing tricks on me, I may have seen what looked to be an outline of an almost invisible or transparent looking big craft and it seemed like these lights were on the bottom. for a second I couldn’t make out if it was separate lights or one huge craft and these lights were on the what appeared to be the tail end of a huge craft that was not a just a round shape but round and almost like it had a tail on the end of it. like the stern end of a ship, only on an aircraft. kind of like a huge wing on the back end with lights. it was an odd shape, hard to tell for sure if it was fully round, an egg shape, round with a tail shape in the rear, or triangular in shape. A boomerang kept coming to my mind the whole time I was watching it. and idk why, it was like instant I thought of a boomerang even though i couldnt see anything other then lights. it was as if i could almost make out a faint outline of the rest of the craft, like it was designed that way.

So anyway after the last on lowest in elevation broke formation, it went to its left under the next orb and continued to flicker softly in an apparent pattern and then it floated back to its position and as we pointed at them and talked together all of the lights started to go more dim and die out but they also went out in order as well. they went out in order from top to bottom, slowly dying out not just cutting off. it was dark mind you, clear skies but dark so it was hard to tell if I was seeing an outline of one big ship or a separate one next to the lights to the left. now that I have time to think about it all, I’m fairly certain the lights were all individual separate lights because they all seemed to die out slowly, and I just very slightly could see what looked like them each darting off instantly and almost a very dull soft white glowing hazy glow to them as they darted off one by one after dying out. It was so strange because I recall that they seemed to be fast yet slow all at the same time. as the bottom one moved over as I said, it seemed to be both fast and slow like some kind of projection almost or like it was playing tricks on you. The orbs also moved so smoothly though, as if they were on a track. think of the motion of a ball berring or a on a horizontal track, very smooth and in perfect straight lines.

it was so odd to describe but I know what I saw. it was like they were dancing in the sky or vibrating and when they moved it was like smeared image like as if your computer mouse is moving fast but skipping ever half a second because your computers freezing up momentarily. They were all in a perfect, ascending line, 5 of them, orange/red glow that was almost hypnotizing in nature. and I felt as if it was wanting to be seen due to it being out in a perfectly clear night in the dark, and five days before Christmas. it seemed like they were scanning something or searching the ground. They didn’t even disappear until I started pointing at them with my mother while talking. as if they knew. During this time I never really felt afraid or intimidated, I was just very intrigued, interested and amazed and actually felt privileged to have a sighting. I did for a moment feel as if they knew we were watching but I thought about all the other people possibly watching and it didn’t bother me. so nothing frightening. Oh I should mention the lights seemed to be at about idk a thousand feet maybe, just under where the clouds would be if there were clouds out but it was such a clear sky that night so it was hard to tell the elevation. But they were low, very low in elevation.

They were about a mile or just under a mile away from my house where we were standing and at about a 70 degree angle from us to the lights. maybe that helps with a mental image of their elevation. The sky around them was kind of wavy looking like heat waves on a hot black top that you see in the summer time. and as I said I’m pretty sure they were all separate lights but I couldn’t help but look at them and squint as if I was seeing a transparent outline of something bigger, something I couldn’t make out shape wise. that’s why so many shapes came to my mind but a boomerang shape just stuck, it seemed like I knew its shape without being able to see it fully. but for the record I can only say they were orbs in a formation as described and the rest of what I saw could’ve been my mind merely seeing what it wanted to. Everything else here is 100 percent accurate and true and that’s exactly how it happened in order. I saw them, studied them, one moved to the left and then back again in line, then they died out perfectly in succession as if they were on a timer or being controlled and this happened all in about just under a minute. about 40 seconds. I wouldn’t know how long they were there before I came outside just by chance though.

I feel a certain level of responsibility to post all this for the record. especially because at the time of the sighting,and i also had just had a very strange experience in my sleep just weeks before this sighting. i have a history of seeing paranormal things and strange experiences and during some of said experiences i had witnesses with me . I do use my telescope from time to time so I’m used to looking at the sky and the stars and planes. but I just knew id miss something if I went to grab my camera or telescope so I stayed and sure enough they started to disappear a few seconds after my mother has suggested i run to get them, they started to fade away and seemingly dart off into the dark night sky… this is my story. I am posting this a year later because as i went to post it the first time i didnt know if i should talk about it on a public forum and bring it to light due to a small amount of fear and because i simply procrastinated in doing so. It was the next day or the following day that i was driving down Rt. 13 near my house when i saw a convoy of military trucks coming down the road which i never ever see by the way, and if i did before it wasnt to this extent. They had stopped along the road and two soldiers were just crouching down combing the grass with their hands as a superior seemed to be watching overhead. I also want to mention that i checked the news the next day and i heard nothing of this sighting, not a peep. this is why i have been so conflicted on sharing my story because i dont know what it all means. nonetheless i couldnt make this up if i tried and this is what i saw.

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