UFO Sighting in Pomona, California on November 6th 2015 – 3 bright lights appear to be stationary joined by a fourth possibly helicopter

at approximate 6:20-6:30 pm november 6th while driving northbound on Garey ave. in pomona ca, i first observed what i thought were three airplanes to the west low over the horizon. The objects appeared to be stationary and were shining brightly, we are local to the area and are near several airports so my first thought was airplanes with their landing lights on. It struck me as odd though that they didn’t seem to be on any of the usual flightpaths over thee area. We soon came to a stop at the intersection of garey ave. and orange grove ave. just south of the 10 fwy. While we were waiting at the light in the left hand turn lane i noticed a blinking red light moving south to north in the direction of the other lights. This red light was dimmer than the three white light and blinking, i believe though i am not certain that this was a helicopter of small plane. Once this other object nears the other they start to noticeably move this is when i realized i was looking at something unusual, the three lights moved in unison as if was a single craft and if it was it was big. I noticed that the object seemed to pitch slightly side to side as it was moving and the lights stayed in perfect formation. Its motion was smooth across the sky and was now moving west to east north of us and 10 fwy with the fourth light flying along side. I was a bit in aww of what i was seeing my girlfrind was with me and was a bit nervous and frighted she was a skeptic until that day. the object continued moving east north of the 10 fwy and south of the san gabriel mountains, we lost sight of the craft after our view was blocked by trees and building. Later on my girlfriend learned that her friend witnessed the same craft in rancho cucamonga around the same time that night, she posted photos on her facebook and stated that it was seen by hundreds at los osos high school football game and everyone was taking pictures. There are also videos of the object on youtube search (11-6-15 ufo rancho cucamonga)

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