UFO Sighting in Cullman, Alabama on August 5th 1967 – I saw a flying saucer right above a stand of pine “trees” on the side of the road about two hundred foot away from me.

I was driving north on child haven road about one or two am after taking my date home when I noticed some flashing lights ahead of me.this was 1967 when police had red lights on the top of their cars.These lights were like blue and green yellow red. And the closer I got to them I could see they were just hanging in the air. I stopped in the road got out of my car and I could see very clearly a saucer type craft hovering over the top of some pine trees. I was sixteen yrs old and had just got lucky with my date and was trying to get home a space ship was the last thing I had on my mind. I did not think they were real.Im standing there looking at this saucer And the lights were flashing seqentionaly around it.I wasn’t afraid I just could not believe what I was seeing it was like I was in a trance. I really don’t know how long I was there looking at it when I realized there were Windows in it and looking out the windows I could see three beings looking at me I was out in the country and I was alone no houses for miles.after I saw the aliens I suddenly got scared and jumped in my car and I can’t remember driving home but the next morning when I got out of bed I remembered everything that I have told you in this letter. I never told anyone It changed my life I’ve spent fortyfour years trying to learn everything I could learn about the subject.im sixty four now and I told my son and my daughter I wanted them to know the truth I consider myself blessed because I got to see gods other sheep that he talks about in the bible.Im a veteran I served in the army and Got injured in the line of duty I went on full disability 2008. I forgot to say that the craft made no sound at all. To you other people that have had this experience consider yourself lucky I haven’t seen anymore since that night. Hopefully I’ll see another one before I die I’m still looking up.

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