UFO Sighting in Ventura, California on September 14th 2012 – driving home on freeway when it first appeared less then 300 feet from my face

It was after 11 pm when I realize that I needed to return home after spending time with my girlfriend at her place. I’m driving back on an cyclical onramp onto the 101 freeway when this object appears in front of my car not but 150 meters from my position. Almost looked like your traditional saucer but different in shape and lights. It shot in from what looked like the stars and hovered in front of me. There were blue lights close together near the base in neat columns and rows and as the lights moved the the top of the craft they shifted to a red hue and further apart. The lights on the craft appeared to flutter like a flag in the wind but different, almost like a really strong magnetic force was causing the lights around the craft to bend and warp (distortion in gravity). After 5 seconds of it hovering at that spot it shot 200 meters to my left and hovered there for 5 seconds then 400 meters to my right and hovered there for 5 seconds then shot down (not up) over some mountains. My heart was racing after this incident, I almost couldn’t believe it. I am thankful that I got experience an event like this because when I hear people talking about extraterrestrial life and contemplating their existence I get to know inside that there really is something out there.

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