UFO Sighting in Waldwick, New Jersey on February 5th 2016 – North New Jersey 9:40pm(Est) bright light object moving north in night sky then vanishes

United States, February 5, 2016 in north New Jersey. Wow, I saw it again while I was driving. It was in the sky over Waldwick, NJ, moving from south to north. It was about 9:40pm EST.

I felt prompted to look up to the sky on my left while driving. It was there in perfect view, moving across the sky going forward, parallel to me. Last time it flew in a direction toward me, then overhead, and then away.

Unlike last time, it looked a little smaller and while moving forward in a straight line, it paused for a very brief moment while continuing moving straight. It vanished from sight shortly after its pause and moving forward a little more. It hadn’t stayed in sight to disappear over the horizon like the last time I saw it in October (case# 71753).

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