UFO Videotaped in the sky over Moscow

UFO Videotaped in the sky over Moscow 1-31-16

By tvzvezda.ru

     A resident of Moscow took a video of strange glowing lights in the sky over the area Zhulebino in the south-east of the capital. According to him, in the area where the video was filmed, there were no high buildings to explain the appearance of a UFO; this is not a possibility.

The lights appeared around 23:30 pm on Saturday, January 30. A witness videotaped the amazing sight and published it on the web.

Timur, who shot the video, spoke to the TV channel Star, “There were four in the sky [UFOs]. The one on the right was red; in the middle were two bright white balls, and on the left there was another, slightly dim, glowing light on the left. I sometimes lost track of the lights. All four balls formed a regular geometric shape – a diamond. I do not discount that this was a mirage, but I’ve lived in Zhulebino for more than two years and have never ever seen anything like this.”

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