UFO Sighting in Anderson, Indiana on February 6th 2016 – Looked like objects were descending upon Indianapolis or points further South.

1. Driving South on I-69. Just North of Indianapolis.
2. Two streaks of “puff” which appeared in SE sky. Not clouds. but, like an “Etch-O-Sketch” operator just drew irregular shaped lines in sky.
3. First, looked like big rocks creating friction in early evening sky.
4. Then, as other objects appeared, they all looked like they had been fired from something from various directions and were all converging Southward. Objects, kept changing altitude. But, direction was primarily towards due South.
5. Reminded me of man made or organic space junk disintegrating in atmosphere. The Challenger space shuttle blowing up and debris flying off in all directions and changing altitude before descending to Earth. The Martians from War of the Worlds invading Earth!
6. Lost site in number of objects as they all headed further South and I changed driving directions.
7. You can clearly see one of the objects during the first two minuted of video.

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