Black Triangle Sighting in Orange City, Iowa on June 30th 2015 – triangular craft flew directly overhead

Around July in 2015 this was my first major Ufo sighting. Tiny town of Alton iowa it was about 10pm I went outside to smoke alone everybody else stayed inside. On this rooftop balcony 2nd story I light my cigarette and start to watch the sky . I was looking straight up when this trianglular object caught my eye as it passed over the building literally right into my line of sight. 5 Orange lights solid in a V shape pointing and heading perfectly north. It made no noise. Couldn’t get my phone to camera quick enough this thing was flying low but pretty fast. From above me to the horizon out of sight in less than 10seconds. It was great to finally see something for myself I’ve always wanted to. I love hearing other people’s stories too so now im a big fan of Mufon. Report them all!

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