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UFO DNA UFO case report:
“24 January 1967 20:10
Cromwell, Connecticut, USA”

Quote from the UFO case report:
“20 people driving along I-91 spot 300 feet long low-flying cigar-shaped UFO with three red lights.Technical artist saw it up close, flying low over highway construction of new route 9. AF said was helicopters. Explanation: Aircraft.

At 8:10 p.m. Nicholas Rinaldi, a 37-year-old commercial artist, as well as 19 other people driving along Interstate 91 in Cromwell, Connecticut spotted a 300 footlong dark cigar-shaped object flying low over some highway construction on the new Route 9 interstate highway extension. Rinaldi drew a sketch of the object, which had three bright red lights, one at each end and one in the center. The UFO made a whirring sound. The total duration of the sighting, based upon the times reported by the independent witnesses, was 15 minutes. The Air Force attempted to explain the craft as a misidentified helicopter, based on the notion that a helicopter would have had three red running lights.”

Map of Cromwell, Connecticut 

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