PARIS FALSE FLAG? Could The Paris Situation Be Just The Beginning?

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PARIS FALSE FLAG? Could The Paris Situation Be Just The Beginning?

French President François Hollande announced Friday that his country had entered a “state of emergency” with a and tightened borders.

American President Barack Obama, meanwhile, decried the around Paris that left dozens , stressing that the United States is “prepared and ready” to provide assistance to France.

“This is an attack not just on Paris. It’s an attack not just on the people of France. But this is an on all of humanity and the universal values we share,” he said.

While the U.S. president said “we’re going to do whatever it takes to work with the French people and with nations around the world to bring these to justice,” he stressed that his office did not yet know all the details of the , so the U.S. would not speculate who may have been behind the france paris “paris france” emergency border immigration eurotunnel visa europe “european union” traffic country survival secure security 2015 2016 unity strong strength u.s. usa america “united states” london “new york” nyc west euro “france visa” public search healthy trends trendy news media entertainment movie relationship power leader leadership agenda elite control “emergency supplies” bugout french “elite nwo agenda” theater tourist tourism travel holiday vacation alex jones rant crazy infowars gerald celente montagraph remote viewing prediction david icke problem reaction solution end game new world order illuminati rothschild rothchilds bankers false flag coast to coast am

“This is a heart-breaking situation, and obviously those of us here in the United States know what it’s like. We’ve gone through these kinds of episodes ourselves, and whenever these kinds of attacks happen, we’ve always been able to count on the French people to stand with us,” Obama said. “They have been an extraordinary partner, and we intend to bear with them in that same fashion.” Under its state of emergency law, authorities can put entire neighborhoods and cities on lockdown, close down concert halls and all other entertainment establishments, as well as order searches inside any premises. Writing for the Atlantic Council, a prominent think tank based in Washington DC, Harlan K. Ullman warns that an “extraordinary crisis” is needed to preserve the “new world order,” which is under threat of being derailed by non-state actors like Edward Snowden.

Ullman concludes that the elimination of non-state actors and empowered individuals “must be done” in order to preserve the new world order. A summary of their material suggests that the Atlantic Council’s definition of a “new world order” is a global technocracy run by a fusion of big government and big business under which individuality is replaced by transhumanist singularity.

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