RIO 2016 SECURITY CONCERNS – Rio De Janeiro Preparing for 2016 Olympics

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RIO 2016 SECURITY CONCERNS – Rio De Janeiro Preparing for 2016 Olympics

Rio de Janeiro will employ more than twice the number of security personnel for the 2016 Olympics than London used in 2012 but authorities are not planning to occupy the city’s notorious favelas, the games’ organizers said on Thursday.

A total of 85,000 people will be involved, including law enforcement, private stewards and security guards.

“There has never been anything like this in the country and the key word is cooperation,” Andrei Augusto Rodrigues, Brazil’s point man on security, told reporters at an event held 53 weeks before South America’s first Olympic Games begin.

Rio de Janeiro is almost as famous for its violence as for its gorgeous beaches and picture postcard landmarks of Sugarloaf mountain and the statue of Christ the Redeemer.

But the number of homicides has fallen significantly in recent years, helped by a program for community policing of many of the favelas, or shantytowns, that are closest to venues for the Summer Games.

Troops occupied at least one major favela during the 2014 World Cup but authorities said they were not planning to repeat that in 2016. A year to go until Rio 2016 and there are still serious issues facing the organisers. Pollution will top the agenda this week, mainly because sailors, rowers, triathletes and marathon swimmers are all in town for test events during August. “Rio 2016” “Rio De Janeiro” security secure prepare prepper brazil olympics “2016 olympics” control power leadership survival warning danger travel “summer vacation” event ticket “ticket master” safe safety tourism tourist hotel flight rowing sports exercise fitness “fitness app” property surveillance intelligence 2015 games trends trendy “olympic games” cctv fireworks beach football “world cup” “elite nwo agenda” daboo7 daboo77 documentary conspiracy false flag attack agent provocateur truth new world order nwo alex jones infowars gerald celente illuminati coast to coast am david icke max keiser the trews montagraph prediction movie symbolism

Yet there are also major concerns over security – London 2012 470 sailing silver medallists Hannah Mills and Saskia Clarke were held up at knifepoint and robbed last December on a training camp. Water polo was scheduled for the Julio Delamare Aquatics Park, next to the Maracana, but the Rio state government announced earlier this year they could not justify the £12.8million cost of renovation so the venue has been shelved.

Bach is in Rio on Wednesday for the Year to Go celebrations. He prefers the gently-gently approach, presumably in the knowledge that no organising committee has ever failed to deliver an Olympic Games and sympathetic to the economic crisis engulfing the country.

‘The situation with Rio de Janeiro is, as always, great progress, but no time to lose,’ said Bach in answer to the inevitable question about progress. There is no denying that the £8.55billion project is behind schedule. London smashed their building deadlines four years ago, ditto Beijing in 2008, which means Rio is beginning to draw unfavourable comparison with Athens 2004

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