Close encounter with UFO near RAF Cosford


Historically Significant UFO Sighting Revealed  


By Pat Regan

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I was recently contacted by a lady called Judy Lugg.  Judy had been reading my book, UFO:  The Search for Truth, and initially had not realised just how many strange sightings there were in thispartof the world.  She went on to present me with fascinating data regarding some historical British UFO events.


Rather than put any opinions on these sightings, I shall simply report Judy’s words as they were given to me as below.  Over to Judy… 

“My mother saw this and a more sane and honest person than she never lived.  In about 1975 (not sure of the year exactly), she had taken the family dog, a medium-sized bearded collie type, for her evening walk at 9pm.  It was near midsummer, being light until after 10pm.  She nearly always followed the same route and did so that evening, down the avenue, turning left into the village road to walk under a railway bridge some 80 yards away, which leads straight up to the neighbouring village, having fields and a few houses on either side.

These villages are in South Staffordshire.  As she approached the bridge, the dog, Sally, sat down and began to tremble violently, started whining (something she almost never did), began to breathe and pant rapidly and absolutely refused to move in any direction. This was so unusual, as Sally was the most biddable and gentle of dogs.  

My mother realised that there was something up ahead so she dropped Sally’s lead and went under the bridge, which was about 20 feet across, to see what was there.

As she looked to the right, where there is a field, which is even now, almost always left fallow, she saw the most remarkable sight she had ever seen – the field is about 70 yards wide and probably goes back at least half a mile and in it, filling almost all of the width was what can only be described as an aluminium craft – it was circular, shaped like two dinner plates, the hollow sides meeting together with ‘port-holes’ at intervals around the centre.  There appeared to be some form of light in these port-holes and the ‘craft’ seemed to be about 15 feet tall at its highest point.  It was resting on what were described as ‘struts’.  

There was no sound whatsoever and my mother stated that she was so absolutely amazed that she did not remember being frightened – just absolutely fascinated and what she could only describe as feeling privileged that she should see such a thing.  She thought that she stood there for two or three minutes and as she stared, the craft began to revolve, at first slowly and then accelerated at enormous velocity, ascended and vanished towards the North East of Wolverhampton.  It reflected the setting sun as it spun away.

There was still no noise even when it accelerated.  She did not go to look in the field at that time as she looked round and saw that Sally was still ‘glued’ to the spot and thought she had better take her home.  Sally by this time was still in a very nervous state but allowed herself to be lead home at a very smart pace, obviously glad to leave the place.

This is and was, at the time, a very quiet road and no traffic had used it during the relevant time. When my mother arrived home, my father commented that she had taken a long time for the walk that night and it was then realised that she may have been looking at this craft for a lot longer that she thought.  The actual walk from the house to that spot takes about three minutes – she had been gone for almost forty-five minutes, whereas normally the walk would have been for about 25 minutes!  

The dog was rather ‘nervy’ when she reached the house and ever after would not go for a walk past that field.  The next day my father and mother went to the field – there was no evidence whatsoever of anything unusual there – no marks on the ground indicating that a heavy object had been there- nothing at all.  However, there were several reports of unusual objects being seen by various people in the Wolverhampton area on the night in question mentioned in the local media.

I just wonder why Sally had not run away – could it have been that she did not want to leave her owner in danger?   I just don’t know – it’s another of those intriguing, fascinating happenings which seem to be deemed to be forever a mystery. I have been told of other sightings in Staffordshire on that evening and at other times but have been unable to verify – however they were told to me by compos mentis folks who had no reasons to lie.”


Judy later gave the exact location as…  

“Dam Mill on the right-hand side of the Lane Green Road (going towards the village of Bilbrook) just alongside the railway embankment.  Post code is WV8 near to Codsall, Staffordshire”

Interestingly, this location is not far away from RAF Cosford.

 Could there be a connection?


 Nick Pope, who had kindly presented the introduction for my book, UFO: The Search for Truth has previously reported on UFO activity at this UK military base.

“On 30 and 31 March 1993, there was a series of UFO sightings in the UK involving over a hundred witnesses.  Many of these were police officers and military personnel.  The UFO also flew directly over two (2) RAF bases”

RAF Cosford

‘The UFO was seen by a patrol of RAF Police based at RAF Cosford.  Their official police report (classified Police In Confidence) stated that the UFO passed over the base “at great velocity … at an altitude of approximately 1000 feet”.  The report described two white lights with a faint red glow at the rear, with no engine noise being heard.  The RAF Police report also contained details of a number of civilian UFO sightings that they had been made aware of in the course of making enquiries with other military bases, civil airports and local police.’


Although admittedly not quite at the RAF base, Judy’s UFO report was somewhat earlier than Nick’s 1993 report, as she quoted hers from the mid-1970s. Again, both UFOs were reported to fly off at great speed. Gut instinct tells me that this earlier UFO report from Judy may be highly significant.


Judy continued with the following information… 


Ball Lightning – or Something Else Entirely?

“This is a bit of a screed, but has to be to explain what I saw on TWO occasions.  I have looked everywhere on the web and in libraries etc., and have never been able to find anything about this whatsoever.  I have been told that it was ‘ball-lightning,’ BUT I have actually seen ball-lightning both in the UK and the USA where I lived for several years since the following occurrences and I can categorically say that it was NOT ball-lightning that I saw; on both the occasions in question.

In any case, there was no stormy weather about and the weather was calm.  In November 1972 at about 4 p.m., I went into a back bedroom of my home, looked through the west-facing window and noticed that it was a calm, clear late afternoon with the sun setting low in the sky.  I turned away from the window towards my right and suddenly noticed, slowly revolving about two feet above and about two feet in front of me, a slowly revolving, brilliant sphere.

The sphere seemed to be a gold orb, about the size of a large orange; as it revolved it seemed to give off scintillating flashes as if it was covered in diamonds or other jewels. 

It was utterly silent and I just stood and looked at it as it was so astonishing and utterly beautiful; I was totally unafraid and had a distinct knowledge that whatever it was it would not hurt me – I just wondered what it was.  I also was and still am, absolutely convinced that this ‘phenomenon’ was there to tell me something.   As I stood watching it, after about two or three minutes, it just ‘went’ – that is the only thing I can say – one second it was there, the next it was gone!

Exactly the same thing occurred in July 1978, but in a different house as we had moved by that time; it was about 7.50 p.m. and a calm fairly cloudy evening.  I was looking through the north-east facing window of our living room and again noticed the object to my right about two feet above and two feet away from me.  The same events occurred. 

On both occasions, I suffered no ill effects whatsoever, just been imbued with a great longing to know why it was there. I do also have to tell you, as I do not know if perhaps it may have some bearing on what you think, that I am psychic and have been since as far back as I can remember. Psychic in the way that I have often seen ‘dead’ people, have very accurate fore-knowledge of events sometimes and very often am able to tell people what they are thinking. I can also leave my body at will – I have always been able to do so and did not think anything of it until I was in my teens and read about ‘psychic projection’. I hope you have heard of this before and can perhaps shed some light on it.   I am still waiting for it to happen again as it was fascinating on both occasions.  

I’m now 72, so it had better get a move on! I have to say here that I know exactly what ball lightning looks like, having seen it several times in USA where I lived for a few years & also having our house struck by lightning in UK when I was 11 years old – actually this was a thunderbolt I think but I saw a huge glowing ball of white hot vapour follow the TV aerial into the back of the TV – didn’t do that device much good, I have to say! I really do not think that it was ball lightning that I saw on these two occasions.”

Judy’s mention of a brilliant sphere that acted strangely is one that sounded rather familiar to me. One example was the Skelmersdale (Lancashire) UFO sighting.  I explained at that time that it sounded like reports I had heard of Ball lightning although this is a natural phenomenon.  


I also stated that the actions described reminded me of the so-called ‘Foo Fights’ (strange balls of light that whizzed around aircraft) of WW2 that frightened many pilots at that time.


See this link for more details…


I wish to sincerely thank Judy for her amazing UFO accounts and I welcome any additional information from other witnesses.



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