UFO Sighting in Norwich, New York on September 15th 1982 – Sometime doing the Night. Two People involved. about Summer, 1982-83 / Grey enities & strange glowing orbs. State of Paralesis

I lived in up-state New York on a small farm. it was I think the summer of 1982-83. My sister had arrived from Florida. I was 13 or 14. I had put in a long day and went to bed about 10 or 11 pm. Next thing I know, my sister and I were downstairs in our living room in our old farm house. We were fully clothed, and the whole house was dark.

A full-moon glow shown through the living room area. Now with the moon it would ascend out over our barn in the early months of summer and as the time past, it would rise more so towards the southwest. so it could of been early fall as well.

I don’t know how we got up and dressed and downstairs that night. As the scene unfolded, my sister was sitting in an upright position like sitting in a barber’s chair. she was fully dressed and this being had her left arm in the air and apparently this being was sticking something in her, because she was saying och, that’s hurting me. I was sitting on our couch in a paralysis state at this point.

Then she seemingly just disappeared and next thing I know, this being was right next to me and looking down at me. I still could only move my eyes at this point. This being then takes my wrist and lifts it up with two of his appendages and said “common” like he either was challenging me or we were about to go somewhere.

His fingers were long, pointed and cold feeling. He was about five feet I would say, because he was standing and I was in a sitting position. He had very lighted skin. Like a pale tannish white color. His skin felt and looked like a synthetic material.{rubberized}. His eyes were black as coal but I didn’t get a full view of them. When he turned toward the window I could see an outline of them.

There were no lights on at the time. In our old house, the full moon would shine it’s light through every window on the south east side and glare off the front of our garage. There were 38 windows. This means that the full moon would shine through six windows. These windows were nearly as big as a doorway.

Suddenly I must have taken my eye off of him for a second, when I heard some commotion over my left shoulder. I stood up and wasn’t in a paralysis state any longer. I growled like some monster or something and next thing I know, these beings rolled up into three orb like structures and they weren’t a foot or more away and you could see their hands and feet just sticking out of these three orbs.

They then past through our living room, right out through our dinning room, right through our kitchen and went right through two panes of glass. They past up by and in front of our garage and then did a three-sixty and shot up into the sky like a laser beam. As they pasted through our house, the furniture didn’t seem to be anywhere in sight. It’s almost as if they moved all the furniture from out of their way as they past through the downstairs of our house. I stood at the window looking upwards toward the darkened sky and wondering what had just happened but didn’t see any craft. I guess I wasn’t suppose to or something at that time.

I had submitted a letter similar to this one to That of Mr. Raymond Fowler my Icon in the UFOlogy. I Have this and the account that I had wrote to him but he had then but retired but still wrote me back.

I saw this dream and many others like it in the summer of 07 &08 and all these images are still there. They are the only dreams that have sit inside my head that long in my sleeping history. It’s been about eight years now. I Thought that they would have passed by now like normal dreams usually do, but they haven’t.

I felt that it was time to write to you folks and find out what can be done. I am spooked by these measures and experiences that I have had. I started studying UFOs in 2000 just after I married. What can I do to aleviate this distress.


PS. I have proved photos of the area affected. They stuck a five inch needle in my spine and I have scare on my left knee and a four star pine hole just below my neck and I think I may have an implant in my left ear lobe.

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