UFO Sighting in New Braunfels, Texas on February 10th 2016 – witnessed an apartment shooting star make an abrupt directional change from the south and depart to the west. Unusual noise followed aircraft departure

I was standing in the back yard throwing a day-glow ball to my dog (sunset had occurred) at 7:54. My daughter had just stepped out and asked if I would read her a story after her mom and then quickly announced “daddy look a shooting star”. Normally I’m pretty good at spotting them first and pointing them out to her, but this one was really faint and it too a couple of seconds for my eye to catch it (it was moving rapidly and caught my eye) one else I noticed it it was at a near vertical to the horizon but there is no doubt about the directional change it was damn near a perfect 90 degree change and departed to the west . My daughter saw it and said “wow” and at he same time I heard a wop-wop-wop sound about a second and a half after the turn. I asked my daughter if she heard that and she said yes. I asked her what did it sound like to you and she said a weird buzz. I doubt it was a extraterrestrial but would not be surprised if it was “made in America” due to its departure towards White Sands NM. I have served in the Marine Corps as Air Control Electronics Controller and spent some time in White Sands working to integrate the Patriot Missile System tracking and targeting array into our data linked systems.

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