UFO Sighting in Akron, Ohio on February 12th 2016 – Two unknown objects in sky over my house

I was going to the restroom and this light caught my eye out the window towards the south. I looked out and after further observation I noticed it was not moving and the lights were pulsing. I texted my brother who came over and also saw the object. Then we noticed to the southwest, another appeared. At first I thought it was a satellite perhaps. The object was long and V shaped. It had white lights that pulsed and there was a light towards the bottom center that appeared blue/green. It hovered in the same spot for awhile and would abruptly move upwards then descend. When I first saw it, it abruptly disappeared for approximately two minutes but reappeared just as quickly. There was cloud cover but you could still see it through the clouds. It hovered in the same spot but when I tool a picture and my phone flashed, it moved closer to my house and honestly scared the heck out of me. My brother also took a picture and his picture shows three in the same spot where I got a picture of a single object. I did not alert police because I didnt want them to think I was crazy but I know what I saw was not an airplane or helicopter or anything like that.

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