UFO Sighting in Lithonia, Georgia on November 27th 2015 – daughter 17yrs old and I were driving she noticed the lights. ive bever believed in any ufos kr such!. But definitely do believe theres something not manmade out there now. if I hadn’t seen it with my ownbeyes I would have never be able to be convinced we

My daughter and I were driving down the road about 9:30 at night when she spotted Lights in the sky I’ve never believed in UFO services such I ignored them but then they became so why I know there’s something out there that was not home or we watched it and forwarded it lasted over 40 minutes they were bright lights they became one then divided up into twos and fours and sixes changed colors and helicopters are flying around with their spot lights and they look like as compared to them we called the police department to find out they had not had any complaints but this cannot be true we were put on hold and we were told that we were the only ones that I called and people are standing outside on the side of the road videotaping and we have some few videos sorry about the language but I hope I got all excited that’s about it we saw them twice in the same spot within a two week period it lasted for about 30 to 40 minutes to first time and we followed it stand about 15 it made me feel very calm and peaceful at first I was scared but then he gave a calming effect and I can’t wait to see more I feel like it’s a good life and nothing bad or scary about it if I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes I would have never believed to have never believed in any of this sort of thing before but when she see it there’s no denying

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