Black Triangle Sighting in East Bay, Nova Scotia on February 13th 2016 – 4 Triangular Star sized ufo’s

I was driving to Sydney on the 216 leaving my community of Eskasoni, Saw 2 star sized lights and thought nothing of it; til I got close towards them and at first they were just hovering and I found it weird so I slowed down and opened my window. They didn’t make a noticeable noise but once I slowed down and was sort of stopped I could hear a slight buzz or hum then they started moving away from me and that’s when I got nervous because there were 4 objects, 3 were in the East Bay, Bras dor Lake area and the other I followed and lost into Sydney. An hour later I came back and to my surprise they were still there and flying around above the Bras dor lake in front of the Ski Ben Eion resort. That’s where I lost them because the light pollution from the ski resort was bright… I know what satellites look like and air planes they usually have a straight direction these were going everywhere but not incredible fast, one was even pretty slow and followed the others. There was a four all together two were like playing with each other one was following and the other leading… also they lit up like a helicopter or satellite but no red flashing like was sort of white and every time it flashed I could see a sort of bell/triangular outline. This happened between 3:25am and 4:30am.

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