Conway Teenagers Saw a ‘Flying Saucer’

Conway Teenagers Saw a 'Flying Saucer'

     A close encounter of the Sychnant pass kind interrupted the evening jog of three schoolboys last week.

Nigel Harris, Craig Roberts and Justin Everly, all third pupils at Aberconwy School, claim they saw a flying saucer hovering over the Pass as they dropped down into Dwygyfylchi on their run.

It is the second sighting in the area in a month after a policeman reported seeing a UFO in Penmaenmawr.

By North Wales Daily Post

Craig of Bryn Benarth, Conwy said: “Nigel stopped because he had stitch, but Justin and I kept on running, and as we were jogging along Justin looked up and said ‘Oh God, a flying saucer’.

“It was level with the mountain top, travelling between 50-60mph. In about 10 seconds it had disappeared over the mountain.” […]

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