DONALD TRUMP on JOHN MCCAIN – Slams McCain for Being Captured in Vietnam

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DONALD TRUMP on JOHN MCCAIN – Slams McCain for Being Captured in Vietnam

Controversy has always been at the heart of Donald Trump’s professional career, defined by his ostentatious displays of wealth, innumerable public feuds, and a television show built around firing people. So when he entered the political arena, there was little question that it would revolve around the same, but few predicted the Trump-sized firestorm he set off Saturday when he criticized the military service of former Vietnam POW Sen. John McCain.

After a lifetime in the spotlight, Trump is painfully learning the difference between the rules of the game when playing as a candidate instead of a celebrity.

For years, Republicans have courted Trump’s endorsement, entertainment, and deep pockets, tolerating—even encouraging and profiting from—his longstanding list of outlandish comments. They invited him to keynote state party conventions and to endorse their 2012 nominee, even as they stood silently by as he challenged President Obama’s birthplace and indulged in his routine name-calling.

Not even comments deemed insulting to a vital segment of the electorate—suggesting that many who have immigrated to the U.S. illegally from Mexico are “rapists”—were enough to spark widespread condemnation. Secretary of State John Kerry, McCain’s former colleague in the Senate, said in a statement that “one thing I know is beyond debate is that John McCain is a hero, a man of grit and guts and character personified. He served and bled and endured unspeakable acts of torture. His captors broke his bones, but they couldn’t break his spirit, which is why he refused early release when he had the chance.”

His jibe at McCain came in the midst of back-and-forth remarks between the two, in which McCain claimed the attendees at a recent Trump event in Arizona were “crazies”. On Saturday, drug kingpin Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman, the head of the Sinaloa cartel, escaped a Mexican prison for a second time, riding a motorcycle out of a one-mile underground tunnel dug directly beneath his cell.

Dr. Jerome Corsi joins the show to discuss the political persecution of Obama critic Donald Trump and former Reagan policy advisor Dinesh D’Souza and more. Following remarks about Mexico, economic is being waged against presidential candidate Donald Trump for exercising his freedom of speech and speaking the truth about illegal immigration. The editor’s The Huffington Post have announced Donald Trump is no longer a political candidate and his remarks on the issues will be equated with a circus sideshow. The fact Huffpo has decided Donald Trump is on par with Kim Kardashian reveals the intolerance of the left toward political plurality and its hypocrisy when demanding diversity of thought, which is in fact little more than an attempt to lock out and persecute people who disagree with their collectivist, politically correct ideology.

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