UFO Sighting in Apollo Beach, Florida on February 12th 2016 – random path orange. red . yellow glowing then vanished

My son and I observed a UFO tonight at about 9 pm. It looked to be over the Riverview area in Florida. We witnessed the craft which started out as a yellow craft in color change to red and orange glowing. Its path was random making gentle turns but finally stopping and hovering for a few seconds then getting faint over a time of about 5 seconds and vanishing. It wasnt a plane, helicopter, drone, RC anything, latern or anything either of us have ever seen. the entire sighting lasted about 2 minutes with the craft making random circles and lines. It never traveled in a particular or predictable pattern from our vantage point. there were aircraft in the area flying at different altitudes but nothing flying right at it or close to it…like general commercial airplanes just going about their normal flight paths. This was a UFO. It was not a normal aircraft or balloon or anything. It was floating with the wind.This was without any question a UFO.

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