UFO Sighting in Volcano Etna, Nevada on September 9th 2015 – UFO hovering over volcano in Sicily

Was on holiday with my girlfriend in Taormina (Sicily), got back to the hotel at 2AM which was situated high in the mountain where we had the best view to watch the volcano, couldnt sleep straight away, so I went out in the veranda and lay on the sunbed. Was just looking up in the sky and all of a sudden I saw a ball of red light very far away. It sped like a flash but I could keep my eyes on it. Comparing to a plane, I would say it was at least 50 times faster. Its flight path was like a zigzag motion. It than sped towards the volcano Mount Etna, and just hovered over the volcano for at least 5 mins, than just shot off the same way it came from. My reaction was to wake up my girl, but she saw nothing and was skeptical!

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