Black Triangle Sighting in Berkeley, California on February 13th 2016 – Attached is picture of saucer above my house that ejected a two man little car type plane with red kites then a large vessel is on my roof shooting pain into my ears, ringing and they r in our place oily stuff on ground can hear them on roof only iPhone

First of all I found a gold mine very old in Alamo ca and have some of the rocks with me. I believe they’re after me for taking what they think is theirs. A saucer flew above San Pablo ace right in front on top of my fifth floor penthouse number 504. It had seven green kites under it then s small car liking aircraft departed the saucer and flew away. A green dot appears above us and yes we’re scared, u can hear them on the toof and they look reptile large very large beasts and people like but strange. We r very scared, they’re sucking our electricity and at nite they come in and with my iPhone I see them. My gf candy Michel is with me visiting and we both have seen it all. Please help us as they seem very hostile. Weird camouflage in the outside of our bldg, purple with weird inscriptions on it heavy fog. Craft on roof us invisible but there. Please help now!! Here r some pictures our life is in danger and I feel they’re so mad at me they’ll kill me for having their gold rocks, they’re on the roof!!! Please fly over and protect us. Thank you

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