UFO Article: “UFO Activity at Nuclear Weapons Sites: Military Veterans’ Testimony Sought”

By Robert L. Hastings, 6 February 2016
(The UFO Chronicles, 9 February 2016)

Quote from the article:
“Since 1973, I have interviewed more than 150 U.S. military veterans regarding their nuclear weapons-related UFO experiences while in the service. Seven of those individuals participated in my UFOs and Nukes press conference in Washington D.C., on September 27, 2010.
Other veterans have appeared in my soon-to-be released documentary film, UFOs and Nukes: The Secret Link Revealed.

These persons’ testimony makes clear that UFOs have exhibited a longstanding and ongoing interest in American nuclear weapons sites—missile silos, bomb/warhead storage depots, ICBM and bomb-detonation test areas—extending from the late 1940s to the present day. Indeed, thousands of declassified U.S. Air Force, FBI and CIA documents confirm the reality of the situation.”


Atlas F ICBM silo
(atlasmissilesilo.com photo)

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