UFO Sighting in Berkeley, California on February 13th 2016 – My bf and I heard loud bang on our apt roof,feel scared,took pictures of ani!mal like monsters and purple yuccky stuff on bldg and saucer above us with green lites,huge cigar one above 3015 San Pablo ave

Saw flying saucer with red capsu
E ejecting then heard heavy object on our roof hear men talking but no humans iPhone pics show it naked eye sees nothing, bf has great pictures, he’s a geologist and saw them first a ove a gold mine he’s digging, when he took rocks home here in Berkeley they came. They seem hostile and were afraid,they c��n b heard inside and smell our windows are glazed with like purple like camouflage and we took pics of many, can u call us and advise. Thanks. We even took most of the rocks to storage

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