UFO Sighting in Bristol, England on August 10th 1990 – Telepathic communication, sulfuric odour, precise with time.

It was a Wednesday and I was in central library on college green, Bristol reading a book on ufos, they road in spaceships by gavin gibbons. As I was reading an intense smell of sulfur was to my right hand side and slightly behind me. The next thing I hear is an powerful voice in my head saying ‘your mind has developed sufficiently for contact’, then I just knew what I had to do. I had to try make telepathic contact and if I succedded I’d be given further instructions. At first I thought I was imagining it all due to the book I was reading but about 10 mins later I had a response, they said ‘be up Clifton Downs by precisely 23:00’. Whoever this lot are, they are extremely precise with time. After these incidents I became precise with time almost in the extreme.
The library shut at 19:30 so I went to the cinema to pass the time. I saw My Cousin Vinny at the Odeon cinema on Union Street, Broadmead, Bristol. The film ended at 22:20 then I took a slow walk upto Clifton. I went into Miss Millies in Clifton, bought 2 bits chicken and chips and can of diet coke then walked upto the downs. I have a tree that I always train by and meditate under so I went there, I walked up and down a few times then a bright white appeared over Bristol city centre at precisely 23:00 and zero seconds by my watch. I remember looking at it thinking, oh it’s real then. As I turned round to walk back up the down I glanced at it, it had vanished, I looked around and found it had moved about 90 degrees to the left, it was between two trees. I moved to the right for a better look then it moved then it moved to the right, hiding behind a tree, I moved to the left and the same thing happened. Playing games I thought. I decided to cross the road splitting the downs and the only thing in the way of it was the water tower, I said ‘now hide’, it moved in a arch and flew right over my head. It was a big cylinder about 400-500 feet up and maybe bigger in length, difficult to tell at that distance. It had two white lights, one at each end and flew down to the Clifton suspension bridge, down the portway and was hovering in a field over the river, maybe 100 feet up. I watched it for a while then heard the telepathic voice again saying ‘go home now, you won’t see us anymore tonight no matter how hard you try. I went home and didn’t see it again.

On the Friday of the same week I was in The Missing Peace Christian cafe on City Road in St Pauls, Bristol. I was in there all night with friends just chatting. It was getting late so I walked a friend Jim home as he was elderly then. We walked upto upper Ashley Road where Jim lives, it was about midnight when I dropped him off. I started walking down Ashley Road when I heard that telepathic voice in my head again. ‘be up Clifton downs by precisly 01:00. I thought, you gota be kidding at this late hour but it happened on the Wednesday so why not on the Friday. I decided to go. When I got there I was a few minutes early so went to my tree. At precisely 01:00 and zero seconds by my watch a pulsing red light appeared over Bristol city centre, where the white light had been on the Wednesday. It was just hovering there, I happened to glance about 90 degrees to my right and up in the sky about 5-10 miles away were three more in staggared formation, they had a red light at each end with a white light in the middle, again cylinders. I stayed there looking at them for about 30 minutes then went home. When I got to the edge of Clifton downs on top Blackboy hill one craft went right over my head, a pulsing red light at each end of the cylinder with no sound, about 100 feet up. I decided to take a short cut home through St Pauls, when I got on top Picton Street another craft went over my head looking the same as the previous one. I didn’t see any more that night. I know that something else happened but I have a block in my mind. I went to a hypnotist called Bruce Waddall in Downend, Bristol. On the way there on the bus I saw them in broad daylight, I heard the telepathic voice again saying ‘you won’t be able to be hypnotized no matter how hard you try. We tried every technique but I’m completely immune.

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