UFO Sighting in Prestwick, on February 14th 2016 – What I believe to have been a star from my kitchen window duplicated into four other lights

I had been out with a family member and we had been drinking alcohol but I came home around 1am to 1pm I was making coffee and something too eat when I noticed a flash in the sky I looked out my kitchen window and saw nothing but when I looked up at the sky I was a light moving. It was similar to a satellite trajectory but it then ejected 3 to 4 other lights and pulsed light in a rhythm. This continued for a few seconds and then the light reverted back to looking like a star/satellite state. I watched it for a long period of time however it continued a slow however it looked to be stationary. However this is not the first time I have seen this, I work at Prestwick airport and live very close by, but I have seen the same light patter three times now and I know as an aeronautical engineer that from the formation, duration and dimensions that this was not I any way a commercial or conventional military aircraft.

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