UK LIVING UNDER MASS SURVEILLANCE – Programs Initiated By Tony Blair Gather Bulk Private Data

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UK LIVING UNDER MASS SURVEILLANCE – Programs Initiated By Tony Blair Gather Bulk Private Data

A new report reveals that mass surveillance programs initiated under former prime minister Tony Blair have been gathering private data in bulk for over a decade, according to leaks by NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden The National Technical Assistance Centre, a shadowy intelligence cell, was set up by Tony Blair’s Labour government in 1999 to counter encryption and act as the UK’s code-breaking specialist, the report said.

The report also noted that banks and airlines are included as authorized targets. Moreover personal financial details can be intercepted, stored, decrypted, and copied. Some airlines, including British Airways (BA), voluntarily hand over their passengers’ information, while other companies are subject to tapping warrants.
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Last month, Snowden revealed that spy agencies in the US and United Kingdom were aggressively developing tools to hack mobile phones without their owners’ knowledge. This week’s report that U.S. government surveillance efforts have reached our roads appears to be just the latest troubling expansion of post-Sept. 11 domestic spying. Like so many of the online surveillance techniques that have been revealed in recent years, the newly uncovered Justice Department program — which scans license plates in order to track the movements of vehicles, creating a national database for law enforcement agencies — gathers huge amounts of data about the movements of innocent and guilty people alike. But, like the rise of government cybersurveillance, the rise of auto surveillance has happened so rapidly and completely that the public may only be waking up to it long after it has become an ineradicable fixture of modern American life.

Big Brother Unveils Tankbulance ‘For Your Protection’ When George Orwell (pen name of Eric Blair) first published his famous novel, Nineteen Eighty-Four, it was the year 1949, and it told a dark story of what he envisioned life may be like in the future-in the year 1984. His book, as well as his name, have become synonymous with privacy concerns involving technology and also an all-powerful, oppressive ruling elite that strictly governs the activities of the population with an iron fist.

Homeowners should consider fitting CCTV to trap burglars, the country’s most senior police officer declared yesterday.

Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe said police forces needed more crime scene footage to match against their 12million images of suspects and offenders.

And he called on families and businesses to install cameras at eye level – to exploit advances in facial recognition technology. UK is moving more and more towards an Orwellian nightmare.

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